How to be the star
of your own movie

How to be the star of your own movie

Awaken your inner potential and take control of your life. Through this exclusive three-day event, a space will be open for your unstoppable transformation that begins right here and now. You deserve to be the star of your own movie, and this event provides you with techniques and insights that will guide you towards winning the OSCAR OF YOUR MOVIE.

Over than 2000 satisfied and happy women.

Mili is a person who inspired me with her positive attitude towards everything in life whether this is an idea, dream or impossible on the first thought situation. She proved that everything is possible only if you dare to imagine that and easy to achieve by working on yourself. She motivates me with her hardworking behavior and open thinking that helps me realize that determination and focus on what’s in our thoughts will come to realization and success when we trust in ourselves. We really need to believe that everything is possible to get the impossible that universe has to offer us. Thank you, Mili, for having you in my life!

Kremena, Commercial Real Estate Agent


Do you want to win an
Oscar in your life?

Then you have to embark on a journey of deep self-discovery, elevate your consciousness and unlock your boundless potential for success, love, and wealth.

When you see me, you might wonder for a moment: “Look at her, brave, successful—what else could one wish for?” But not everything is as it seems. I haven’t always been the main character of my own movie. I had to create my own script and now I want to show you how you can easily learn to do the same.

If you’re currently struggling with a lack of self-confidence, not believing in yourself and not knowing exactly what you want, that can become your past in just 3 days after my event.

I completely understand your situation, because I’ve faced the same challenges as you. That’s why I’ve created this unique event, with the desire for you to no longer have to wait for years to pass in order to break free from the cycle and shed the patterns that have been holding you back from flourish.

This is a crucial moment for you, where you can make a permanent change and make the right decision:


Do you want to continue waking up as a supporting actress in a movie, doing things you don't enjoy and feeling unhappy?

Take responsibility for your life because there isn’t much time left and the number of spots is limited!

Be the star of your own movie!

Take a look at what my girls, who are now the stars of their own movies, have to say.

This event has transformed the lives of over 2000 women, enabling them to finally achieve their goals and experience true happiness. Read these inspiring stories and witness the power of women’s community in the real world.

Martina, Entrepreneur / Founder of Maza Events


My life underwent a profund trasformation. Mili helped me envisiona future full of purpose and meanining, empowering me to script a compelling narrative for my desired reality. Just like that, over time, I stepped into a new chapter of my life. Forever thankfula.

Cat Gonzalez, Business Development & Marketing


I feel amazing and very enthusiastic about my future and my business. As a result of working with Mili – I now have a positive outlook on my business, and I am very successful with anything I set my mind to do. I am now earning a lot more money than I was before, I am now confident, and I am now outspoken and not shy to say the things that are on my mind. This program has really helped me!!

Tijana, Investor


One of the best decisions I have made in my life was when I listened to my intuition and let Mili Ristic lead me towards my success. The first program I engaged in was a Paradigm shift that blew me right away, It completely shifted the way how I see things and that new perspective has changed my life forever! I have realized that what we all want is actually happiness, and success is the one that follows and not the opposite!

Anything is possible if you learn how to unlock your inner potential, but first, you must take action.

This event has a special feature.

Your registration simultaneously HELPS OTHER WOMEN.

For each registration, 15 % WILL BE DONATED TO THE WEPAH ORGANIZATION, which strives to help women acquire new skills to find good jobs or become independent. Let’s help them shine too.

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Bob Proctor and me

Success can be LEARNED.

Who is this program for?

For women who want to take the initiative and move forward towards their inner transformation.

Yes, this is truly an opportunity that can change your life forever.

To win an Oscar, you need to acquire knowledge that others do not have:

At this event, I will reveal success secrets that no one has ever disclosed to you before.
Experience this three day adventure of self-growth and transformation that will provide you with all the techniques to shine like a star in your own movie.

Discover and defeat your hidden enemy

You will learn how to overcome limiting patterns, beliefs and erase every obstacle that blocks you from achieving your goals. Create empowering beliefs to take your life to the next level.

How to stay motivated always

Learn how to maintain constant motivation and a positive attitude, because only with such an attitude can you notice the life and business opportunities that others overlook. Stay one step ahead of others.

How to set the right goals

By setting the right goals, you will ignite a fire within you that will direct your actions towards the life you want to live. This will accelerate your growth and enable you to create your future.

How to achieve a fulfilling life

Learn unique techniques to use your full potential, as it will lead you to financial freedom, wisdom, happiness and a fulfilling life.

This is a unique opportunity to elevate your life to a higher level because my purpose is to support and inspire you to fulfill your full potential, regardless of where you currently are and what problems you’re facing.

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Meet Mili
Who created this exclusive event for you.

Mili Ristić has had a tremendous positive impact on the lives of many women, becoming a source of inspiration and support for over 2000 of them to achieve success and become stars in their lives. Her tireless work has enabled these women to unleash their inner potential, become unstoppable and fulfill their dreams.

Today, Mili is an entrepreneur, speaker, mentor and creator of Female Fatal Academy, which brings women together in one place. Her academy is the result of a long and challenging journey that Mili embarked on as a young female immigrant when she first moved to New York and then to Miami, with the goal of taking her first steps in entrepreneurship.

Mili has become an inspiration to many women who have joined the academy and found support and motivation for their personal and professional growth.

Ignite your inner star, take center stage and create a life that shines like a blockbuster movie. - Mili Ristic

This exclusive three day event stands between you and the fulfillment of your deepest desire that you have been dreaming of achieving in life for a long time.

There’s no need for more talking, now is the time for ACTION.

SIGN UP NOW and embark on the transformation you’ve always desired. And remember, your decision also impacts other women whom you’ll help by donating 15% of each payment to the Wepah organization. Their main goal is to provide equal education and the acquisition of new skills to all women.

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